Monday, December 20, 2010

Slap With A Kiss

Traffic in Pune can be looked at with various perspectives. Chaotic, amusing, disgusting, irritating enough that many times gives you a chance to vent out your frustrations. It is quite a sight to keep witnessing varied driving skills that most people have adopted themselves to, which they proudly exhibit even on jammed roads! The occasional war of words in the middle of the roads and a public gathering around as if watching a street play, just add to the spice.

How-much-ever we protest against the traffic scene by means of criticism or otherwise, it is ultimately left up to us to save our own skin between the rush hour madness on roads. I would like to share one of the most entertaining incidents' that such madness had to offer at Karve road recently.

An old person (who we would call ajoba, even if unknown), was riding his scooter on Karve road. A young boy in all his josh and form, zoomed through the road least bothered of how others were disgusted in an attempt to give him way, rather to save themselves a bump. This Ajoba too, had to follow suit.

The young fella had to finally cut his speed and wait at the red light, which had quite annoyed him (so spoke his face). Ajoba caught up with him at the same signal. The conversation that followed at this junction at Karve Road, was a classic example of what is called - 'A slap with a kiss'.

He said to the young boy (a friendly greeting as if he knew the boy), "Kaay Karve?" (Hello Mr. Karve). The boy was amused and replied somewhat irritatingly, "Aho mi Karve nahi. Mi Joshi aahe". (I am not Karve. My name is Joshi). To which, ajoba said, "Mala vatla baapacha rasta aahe mhanun garditun hi gadi palvat hotat. Mhanun Karve mhatla". (I thought you father owns this road so you were speeding your bike even in such traffic. So I greeted you as Mr. Karve).

The young boy's face filled with shame, and he could not utter a word. Rest who witnessed this 'scene' (or 'kissa' as we call it) on the signal had a hearty laugh as they moved ahead at the green light.


Pune traffic can be looked at with various perspectives,
There is no way to remotely understand the drivers' motives;
Those behind the wheel exhibit their skill,
Some barely manage to escape and some zoom out with thrill.

There is not a trace left of traffic sense,
Who cares for rules, at every step they commit an offence;
Traffic lights shine merely like a showpiece,
Disrespect for traffic rules result in breaking them at ease.

Riding is no more just a means to commute,
It now even personifies adventure and attitude;
While we await some strict measures to retain safety on road,
It would be a favour to discipline ourself first, as the best mode.