Thursday, March 03, 2011

I Can... :-)

Husshh... what a morning! Just as I was sipping my beloved chai :) dad called me out in the parking and said that we need to change the punctured tyre of the car. Usually I enjoy sipping my morning tea while reading the newspaper, but today I gave it up and finished it in a hurry. I thought I was to assist dad by just being there if he needs anything as he changed the tyre.

As I got near the car, dad was just standing there and he handed me the task! I gladly accepted it. Not that I have any experience in changing car tyres, rather it was my first attempt today. But as I got my hands on the tools, I was through with my job quite easily! Right from positioning the jack, to removing the studs and then replacing the punctured tyre with another one...

It wasn't as tedious a task as it normally appears to be. And I was happy that I did it, especially as I had no know-hows of it except for enjoying the drives ;)

And, I always hated to watch it in movies where they show a helpless female protagonist in a similar situation especially in a no-man's-land, not knowing what to do; and that is just when her male counterpart appears from nowhere and does the job as if doing some kind of magic that only his breed can perform!

Well, now this task is added to my 'I can do...' list :)