Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ye Shobha-a nahi deta

Shobhaa De in the introductory lines of a new post on her blog:

I am giving myself (and you!) a much needed 'Anna Break.' But this much i can't resist adding: bring media into the Bill, as well. If the P.M. is to be included, why not the media? Media must be accountable, too.......

... and then, her post follows.

My comment:

Even before reading this post any further... With due respect to you ma'am, what do you mean by saying an 'Anna Break'??? It is okay to talk about hundred other topics amid the ongoing movement... but you cannot ridicule it (at least it sounds so when you say 'Anna Break') because maybe you feel YOU need it! People have risen from the deep sleep and have realized the power of their voice, risen from the guilt of having been part of some wrong-doings in their life, risen to be heard, and risen for and to be a change! Today we see the tri-colour in every Indian's hand and heart! A Anna Hazare banner in their hands, on their vehicles, as a wallpaper, profile picture.. slogans that are born with the onset of his protest, or to better mention it as a 'satyagraha'! The ongoing protest is like another freedom movement! The ease with which you mention of taking an 'Anna Break' is testimony enough that people like you or me can no-where stand close to him with the amount of dedication, determination and will power that he holds, because he needs no break and no one can break him either! So, if you do / do not support him or his methods, it is your choice. At least do not come up with such absurd and untimely terminologies like an 'Anna Break'! For me, it is going to be a Shobhaa De 'break' for now! 'Coz this break will matter neither to you nor me; but the 'break' you feel you want and even felt that it is much needed for others, will definitely affect this Now Or Never sentiment!

And, a series of irony that coincides with her post:
1. The title of her post is: 'Bol' - Open your mouth... and Speak Up! Well ma'am, your 'Anna Break' contradicts this, especially when the time has actually come to Speak Up!
2. She thinks of an 'Anna Break' just when the government starts reacting proactively and 'break' the ice by hinting toward talks.
3. The whole Anna movement or the anti-corruption movement is to clean India from the mess she is in, and ma'am feels that you and me need an 'Anna Break' and read her praises for the Pakistani Film Industry in her post that follows.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ab Hamare Hawale Watan Saathiyon

It is time, again, to fight for a righteous Independence of our nation! Yes, there is a stir, a wave among billions of us Indians who have come together for this movement - the second fight for a Free India... a corruption-free India!

Anna Hazare, the crusader who has raised this issue and has invoked a strong feeling among all of us to dream and achieve the goal to eradicate corruption from our country, has been a source of inspiration and motivation. The tremendous amount of support that the Jan Lokpal Bill has gained, as a sea of people echoing his message only proves how deep this government has stooped in to corruption!

Government has been trying desperate measures to refrain Anna from undertaking a 'peaceful' protest against corruption. Anna is arrested on the very morning when the protest was to begin, under no charges that the police could clarify. Preventive Detention, they say, which in effect seems to be a defensive act on the government's part. There are even parallels drawn between the British regime and the present government!

Today we are witnessing another freedom movement, which will see no less sacrifices, agitation, protests and support. Every Indian today feels him/herself as another Anna who wants a clean nation. The government is trying to take away the right to protest, right to descent by taking in to custody, Team Anna. The government sure is panicked and has over-reacted! Is the government walking toward another state of Emergency? And how many more Annas will be arrested? Can they stop the protest like this? Can the government, a trustee of the nation, dictate its terms on the citizens?

Anna nahi ye aandhi hai, Aaj ka ye Gandhi hai!
... and, there is no stopping! As a youth of this nation, I condemn this act of the government! Today we see a new wave of Non-cooperation and Non-violence! Anna Hazare is another Father of the Nation, a corrupt-free Nation!

It is our onus now to carry forward the torch of this belief - a corruption free India!