Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Triumphs

It took the strength, the courage, the determination like that of the goddess to put an end to the evil acts of Mahishasura. We have grown up listening to mythological tales and those from the great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. These tales have been a favourite among our elders to pass them on to us, in some way, to imbibe in to us the values and cultures that shape up a good human being within us. However, in today’s scenario, the question arises whether these are really listened to carefully and taken a note of, or are they just heard to forget after some time

Navratra is celebrated as a symbol of the triumph of the heavenly power against the demonic might. These celebrations in the Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar are popularly known as the Sharadiya Navratra. Celebrations coupled with fastings for these nine days are followed as a reminder of the war saga of the goddess with the demons. Lord Shankar took the avatar of Martand Bhairav and put an end to the Manimalla demons. Khandoba Navratra commenced following this victory of the lord. Besides celebrating the Navratra that relates to the goddess, some parts of India celebrate the navratra that relates to Ramkrishna, Panduranga, Datta, Shakambhari, Khandoba, etc. even today. To put it in short, these are celebrations of god that symbolize the war saga between the heavenly power and that of the demons, the triumph of good over evil- evil nature, evil creatures, that gives rise to celebrations such as these.

For that matter, anyone who is self centered / engrossed, opportunistic, is bothered only about his / her self interest even if it plays hard on somebody else; can be termed as having the evil nature. Hedonism, egoism is still inexhaustible in society. Even today, there are enormous numbers of people in the form of Mahishasuras who move freely in society. It has become very important to raise the voice of the true conscience within us to fight against all such evils. These nine days can be perceived as the days to rekindle the goodness within us. However, one should be able to identify the crisis faced due to evil behaviour and act against it than just mourning.

We have grown up listening to mythological tales and those from Ramayana and Mahabharata. These tales have been a favourite among our elders to pass them to us, in some way, to imbibe in us the values and cultures that shape up a good human being within us. However, in today’s scenario, the question arises whether these are really listened to carefully and taken note of, or are they just heard to forget after some time. It took the strength, the courage, the determination like that of the goddess to put an end to the evil acts of Mahishasura. If given it a thought, more than celebrating the victory of the goddess, we rejoice the demon’s defeat. But, it is a sad state that more mahishasura’s exist today in various forms, be it politicians, edu-businessmen or even an ordinary citizen. There lies an evil factor within all of us that manages to conquer our conscience and make us fall prey to ignorance or is a deliberate action.

Whatever the reason be, ultimately it is not a loss to an individual, but to also those around him / her. Politics, or say power, is one of the worst evils’ that puts an entire nation to unrest. It is a dirty game and is no more considered to be handled by safe hands. Having said and heard of politicians and their own way of governing, we, at the receiving end also contribute our bit to such ugly situations. Why is it considered a dirty game and why is it not in safe hands? It is lesser the activity of those who misuse their power but, moreso the inactivity of the rest of the people that leads to such results. Individuals are becoming self-centered and seek for their own good. If this leads to a commonly practiced individual behaviour, it collectively forms a societal culture. However, if we know what is good for us and are even trying to seek it, then why is it that we yet have not achieved it? Even if we possess the best of things, live in the best possible lifestyle, lead our lives on our own terms; there is some thing that we still yearn for. Is it true freedom that we are in search of? Have we gained freedom from the British Raj, only to fall prey to the mahishasuras of our political system? It is high time for us to start voicing against their evil acts, as it is rightly said, ‘A society is in danger when those who have never learnt to obey are given the right to command’. If they enjoy the privilege of power, it is we citizens who are instrumental to empower them and have all rights to keep a check on their activities.

Politics is just one of the elements’ hovering around us that beholds the demonic avatar beneath its mask. Education, the biggest tool to fight against all odds, is also not left untouched by a certain sections of society, who have built their business empires under the guise of building young minds to shape the nature’s future. Youngsters are easy victims to the ugly system that prevails in society.

The sad part is, we are turning in to a nation of RNIs- Resident Non-Indians who have developed the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and keep turning the fortune wheel of the nation to be mishandled by some. A deep cleansing of the self has become a necessity in the absence of such national sentiment. Agreed, that it is difficult to find a Rama in this kalyug, but a bit of concern for the nation from every citizen can help curb the existence of the many Ravanas. However, the biggest dilemma ordinary citizens’ face is, they are betrayed by their own elected representatives.

Many times it is also our ignorance that proves to be the demon that puts us in to difficult circumstances. Ignorance is that curse, which can ruin the normal state of living. Lack of knowledge or information about our duties and rights can hamper a well deserved living. We should take calculated risks to outwit those who distract the nation’s well being. For this to become a reality, efforts from our side are equally essential, first by becoming a responsible and honest citizen. Once this foundation is formed, all the evil can be buried beneath it and a strong political and economic structure can be the real triumph of good over bad and, Ghatasthapana or Dassera would be celebrated for more than one reasons’.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Commom wealth-Yielding Games – CYG

One minister comes to back the money sanction related non-cooperation..
Another minister questions his party’s operation..

One says he is against using public money for publicity..
Another says why don’t they mend the roads that are petty..

One says he is defending..
Another says he is offending..

One says using public money is not fair..
Another says we are just making the public aware..

The public at the end has no idea where the money goes..
Until it actually goes and the media shows..

Does the CYG hold national pride..
Or will it remain an issue on the political side..

As days are approaching for the games to commence..
These parties are already playing the games of defense and offence..

If one rides near the CYG venue..
One is forced to think, is this how they work with huge revenue??

The revenue comes from the tax payer’s pocket..
Those in power, better not forget..

Is it time to hold press conferences and malign each other…
Does not the approaching deadline make them bother??

The event is daily making news..
And such arguments will gain worldwide critical views..

Its not the time to prove how any party is (in)efficient..
A joint effort to show the city’s worth on an international level will be sufficient..

They are wrong if they think the public will entertain..
They will have to prove their worth if they want to sustain…

The public will have to act soon and show their power..
Identify those who are yielding the common wealth at this hour..

Let them experience the power of the common man..
Put them to task and show them what you can..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Simply Ridiculous!

Recently, there was an interesting conversation between an elderly person and a group of 'samajsevaks'. This group had approached the elderly person for collecting charity for a 'cause' for their village. Both the parties knew each other well due to their association to the village. The elderly man lives in the city now and is known to be providing a helpful hand to the fellows in the village for various purposes.
Hoping to be assured with his help this time too, this group of 'samajsevaks' approached him. The charity was being asked to be able to build a temple in the village. "The new temple will add value and bring fame to our village among those hailing from other villages", is what the samajsevaks believed!
The elderly man did not want to mock at their reasoning, but definitely did not want to donate for this cause. He only said, "There are other ways of earning fame for the village's name. Not only locally or at a national level, but also at a global level! Why don't you'll make a playground in the village instead? I am ready to donate as much as I can an also look after the administration if you'll agree to this". Those people were listening to him, but still holding their temple issue in the mind. The elderly man continued, "We can identify great talent and potential in teh faces of the village kids and lads and encourage them to get trained in different sports activities that are played at the Olympics level. There is immense talent available in rural India to be able to go far beyond the 3 medals that we earned".
To this, the group agreed to, but also wanted to get a nod for their project- temple! The most astonishing reply that they gave was, yes, we can promote sports here, and along with that those who participate in here, their parents would definitely donate some part for the temple. To this the elderly man said, "Those who will participate, will first of all be from not so well to do families. In fact, we will have to help them from our pockets! And, if you so want to build the temple, which according to you would fetch good name for the village, you can sell off your part of land that you own and build the temple out of it".
The man from the group who was told this, got offended and said it is not possible. The elderly man had just one question for him, "Do you really want the fame for the village or for yourself, as you are the one who is eager to do so. You can achieve both if you use your land for the cause".
The man had no answer to this and hopefully understood the elderly man's unsaid words.
Some people really need a reason to either cash in on other's money or jus a way to spend time in not-required stuff. What difference would the new temple make for the villagers for whom work itself it worship? And, who already have a temple in the village where they can always go to???

This is an excerpt of a real conversation that took place in marathi.