Thursday, June 30, 2011

Show Time

Making a last minute movie plan and watching it with friends has been part of an exciting, entertaining and fun schedules' followed like a ritual at least twice a month on my list. Most often, keeping in mind the daily schedules, a night show was always preferred. In no time, the last shows proved to be convenient and more-so, more fun to ride back home on the quiet and chilly roads.

However, until recently, watching a movie was synonyms to pure entertainment! But lately, management has become the core for making movie plans! And how? In the course of time I have lately bumped in to couple of friends (read 14-15 of us each time) who are movie buffs too, or simply stated - like minded people who love to get together and have fun whichever way (movies, rides, hanging out at the beautiful hills in Pune, dinners or brunches or just chai)

The entertainment quotient in the whole planning, especially for movies, has raised its bar and I end up being 'The Planner' for all of us :) After all, it is quite a task to match up with the timings that will suit all along with the show timings, which should also have reasonable rates and of course, the ticket availability for this huge group with all the available multiplexes in the city! And, sometimes, the vicinity for couple of friends in the group also needs to be taken in to consideration. Hmmm.... Lotta permutations and combinations to be done to accommodate all (yes, we keep changing even our final plans if even one or two of us can't make it).

And, the whole process of informing everyone and getting feedback and replies makes me go mad with frustration at times and a laugh riot at the same time. In the end, we need to make all the ends meet until we make sure that an entire row at the screen belongs to us :) The fun quotient does not depend on how the movie was, but the fact that we could all come together yet again to have a nice time out :)

The latest planning mission that we accomplished was for Cars2 and now, back to the process for Delly Belly :)