Thursday, September 25, 2008

Commom wealth-Yielding Games – CYG

One minister comes to back the money sanction related non-cooperation..
Another minister questions his party’s operation..

One says he is against using public money for publicity..
Another says why don’t they mend the roads that are petty..

One says he is defending..
Another says he is offending..

One says using public money is not fair..
Another says we are just making the public aware..

The public at the end has no idea where the money goes..
Until it actually goes and the media shows..

Does the CYG hold national pride..
Or will it remain an issue on the political side..

As days are approaching for the games to commence..
These parties are already playing the games of defense and offence..

If one rides near the CYG venue..
One is forced to think, is this how they work with huge revenue??

The revenue comes from the tax payer’s pocket..
Those in power, better not forget..

Is it time to hold press conferences and malign each other…
Does not the approaching deadline make them bother??

The event is daily making news..
And such arguments will gain worldwide critical views..

Its not the time to prove how any party is (in)efficient..
A joint effort to show the city’s worth on an international level will be sufficient..

They are wrong if they think the public will entertain..
They will have to prove their worth if they want to sustain…

The public will have to act soon and show their power..
Identify those who are yielding the common wealth at this hour..

Let them experience the power of the common man..
Put them to task and show them what you can..

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