Friday, June 05, 2009

Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Gradually, but Definitely!

Indian politics witnessed history on 3rd June 2009 when Meira Kumar took charge as the first woman Lok Sabha Speaker! The country has had a golden period when women dared to come out of the clutches that binded them just for homely chores. It beholds an even better future to embrace many women firsts in varied fields! It gives a sense of pride to see the top 3 positions of our country are headed by women! Pratibhatai Patil, our President; Meira Kumar, Lok Sabha Chaieperson and Sonia Gandhi, President of the ruling party at the centre. Not only that, we have women heading other parties too, and also women who chair some of the important positions in active politics.

Our country also boasts of many ordinary women have gone out and outshone their male counterparts with their extraordinary talent and determination. Traditional beliefs of society that many fields of works are male dominated, are now changing as women are seen penetrating there too. There are many examples of such leading ladies who have left the other sex in awe. Indira Gandhi, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Lata Mangeshkar, P.T.Usha, Bachindri Pal, Barkha Dutt, are just few names that came across my mind randomly as I am typing. There are many many more...

Besides, women whom I have come across in my life have made lasting impressions and kept me wondering about the might of woman power! Right from my mother to women who have attained the peak of their carrer to selfless social workers and even those who work as domestic help! Be it any field. Politics, sports, entrepreneurship, activists or academics. Women have broken the glass ceiling and are still moving ahead.

However, the other side of the life that is imposed on women, is equally darker. Some sections of society still deny an equal living status for women. And that is not restricted to the rural areas, but has sadly also spread among the urban sections. The ugly dowry system still prevails in our society and many innocent women are victims of selfish desires of many. Ordinary, yet deserving women still have to face shut doors to many achievable opportunities, which are a result of either social or family bindings.

But, there still seems to be some hope for such women as the nation is progressing toward a bright future.

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