Sunday, August 29, 2010

Being By Yourself

Its been two months already! Two months of parents staying away, two months of cooking everyday, two months of waking up at the doorbell by the milkman, two months of keeping the house clean, two months of doing office errands, two months of attending people at home and office, two months of understanding how it all works, two months of playing host to friends, two months of being the elder at the house... two months of being by yourself!!!

Yes, it has been over two months now that aai-papa have flown to the US at sister's. Days jsut flew when we were backpacking for them back home. It was a great feeling that they would be going there after five long years of my sister being married and flown there with just a short visit here three years back. It is already two months now that aai-papa have gone there, their long stay that sis so deserves....

My little sis and me were kind of happy and felt responsible that our parents have left with nothing to fear back home, that all will be well and fine and as it was when they had left. We were even to savour a long freedom-vacation at home without parents being around. Not that they are very strict or demanding or rigid, yet their absence was going to make hell lotta difference. And, it made too!

With all the fun planned, came in great responsibility as well. And now we bet, no one ever can take their parents place though you are temporarily wearing their shoe. Its a whole new world out there. But it is fun... Fun to carry on things responsibly and also keep yourself pampered at the same time.

Initially, it was like a puzzle to even get closer in to the daily chores that aai does. It was a bit okay with doing the office errands, as I was used to doing those. I started losing patience on the himely tasks that punched me in the face to start with, but knew very well that I needed to pull up my socks to find myself in a better position. I was bad at handling the home affairs and office works together, coz i have always gotten myself pampered to go my own way. It was a test for me, and now I can say it with pride that little sis and me are fairing well :-)

Each passing day is a big lesson... Trust me, it is always much more fun to have your people around than be by yourself.

Until my parents are back, I shall be back to being by myself again.....


Uma said...

Hey dear and deary! heheh
It was impossible for aai-pappa to come here w/o you both. We are all very proud of you!! Keep it up.

Both of you went through troubling waters and came out strong and we are sure you learnt the ways of life too soon....
With lots of luv,

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ThE reDmaCHiNe said...