Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adarsh Commonwealth!!!

Our politicians make hay in their power game,
They seem to be believing in it without shame,
After all it is all about money honey,
While the common man strives hard to earn each penny!

Ministers have made it a legacy,
Scams and scandals seem to fit their policy,
Issues start surfacing and ultimately gain limelight,
What follows is the 'Winds of change' - a fake political sight!

Maharashtra is defamed as an FSI state,
Ministers have well adopted the land mafia trait,
Merely changing people for positions won't change its fate,
Good governance is what we await!

'Commonwealth' - some live up to the name,
And gulp it without a trace of shame,
Finally they have to succumb for they have been caught,
Else would still enjoy their positions - if not!

Politics is a gamble,
Where even the highest mantri may fumble,
If the party high command wants to shuffle,
No one can say a word, but to hobble!

Each minister then starts eyeing for a meaty position,
And the party has to brace itself to choose and handle the situation,
These changes are ultimately adjustments,
In the name of fine-tuning and corrections!

Yet they need to satisfy a minister's desire,
Else there is a risk of the party being on fire,
No where do they seem concerned for the common man's financial health,
Soon they will come up with more such mess, like the 'Adarsh Commenwealth'!


Amrita tapadia said...

Awesome!! you should get this printed :) try submitting it to some paper.. good job!

manu said...

Thanks Amrita!