Tuesday, March 08, 2011

De Ghuma Ke

A boy riding his bicycle over a bridge.. suddenly loses balance and falls down..I apply the brakes for a sudden stop.. and there arrived a few men growling without knowing the head or tail of this episode, just because it was a female driver... guess what.. the car did not even touch that boy.. HATE SUCH CHEAP mentality people...

This is a narrative of my sister's experience couple of days ago, in her own words. Such incidences bring to fore, again and again, the male chauvinist attitude that few of them live with and exhibit it too! Alas, such instant reactions from them only depict their choked sense of acceptance towards their female counterparts who no more live under any shadow!

I was in the car at that time and so have seen what happened actually. The boy who was riding the bicycle just at the start of the Neelayam bridge, suddenly raised his ass and started riding faster in the middle of the traffic. He fumbled over the small speed breaker there and fell ON HIS OWN under his bicycle. We were just behind him and had to apply sudden brakes to avoid any further mishap. That is when an asshole appeared and started arguing with us saying, "What are you riding? If you can't drive properly then why do you?".. and all that rubbish... That was it! I was not going to take shit for nothing from anyone, unless it was really a mistake on our part.

I gave him a good piece of my mind and that is wen they all went back to their roadside adda. The boy who had fallen down, ultimately was walking back with his bicycle all alone on the bridge! The point here is, the roadside assholes came barking just because it was a female driver! And they thought that whatever they were swearing in the name of female drivers, would be listened to, expecting some sort of guilty-feeling expressions on our faces!

This is just one incident that I am sharing where the male bashing rushes and surrounds females, epitomising any and every act of theirs as if a god-sent virtue! Every time anything of this sort happens, the feeling of 'De Ghumake' with the help of some really pricking words or even hitting, urges through the mind!

I do not wish to generalise this for the entire 'male breed', but it is just for males who live with this cheap mentality. Those who read this and mind my language, please take note that there is nothing to mind unless you think you belong to such category of men.

And, for all the women reading this - it is okay to accept your mistakes, but it is a sin to keep mum when you are clean! So chill and stay bindaas and happy :)
Have a Happy Women's Day, today and always!


aakash said...

Hi! long time, me dropped by :)
Yes, I agree, there is a bunch sitting and waiting to somehow put their leg in a road incident and take their frustration out without understanding any bit of situation.
However, my observation has been a bit different. Whenever I saw a female being a part of the quarrel, the males would take her side, just to show off or something. Infact, I saw an innocent guy beaten in for thrashing into a girl's scooter where clearly it was the girl who tried overtaking from wrong side.
Anyways, whatever be. They really are nuance.

manu said...

yes, long time! and yeah, girls do get that advantage at times... and that is the time when girls shud accept their fault and save tht innocent chap..
here in our case, it was actually no one's fault that ways... still the hullagulla :)

CalmWater said...

:) contribute ur bit to society bit by bit...I really wish we could have some regulations regarding passer by people intimidating and interfering in accident cases.

manu said...

@CalmWater: i think regulations for this won't be of use.. people should come forward, but to help the victim and thrash the one at fault.. My point was, ki without knowing head or tail, there shouldn't be a prejudistic approach....