Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ab Hamare Hawale Watan Saathiyon

It is time, again, to fight for a righteous Independence of our nation! Yes, there is a stir, a wave among billions of us Indians who have come together for this movement - the second fight for a Free India... a corruption-free India!

Anna Hazare, the crusader who has raised this issue and has invoked a strong feeling among all of us to dream and achieve the goal to eradicate corruption from our country, has been a source of inspiration and motivation. The tremendous amount of support that the Jan Lokpal Bill has gained, as a sea of people echoing his message only proves how deep this government has stooped in to corruption!

Government has been trying desperate measures to refrain Anna from undertaking a 'peaceful' protest against corruption. Anna is arrested on the very morning when the protest was to begin, under no charges that the police could clarify. Preventive Detention, they say, which in effect seems to be a defensive act on the government's part. There are even parallels drawn between the British regime and the present government!

Today we are witnessing another freedom movement, which will see no less sacrifices, agitation, protests and support. Every Indian today feels him/herself as another Anna who wants a clean nation. The government is trying to take away the right to protest, right to descent by taking in to custody, Team Anna. The government sure is panicked and has over-reacted! Is the government walking toward another state of Emergency? And how many more Annas will be arrested? Can they stop the protest like this? Can the government, a trustee of the nation, dictate its terms on the citizens?

Anna nahi ye aandhi hai, Aaj ka ye Gandhi hai!
... and, there is no stopping! As a youth of this nation, I condemn this act of the government! Today we see a new wave of Non-cooperation and Non-violence! Anna Hazare is another Father of the Nation, a corrupt-free Nation!

It is our onus now to carry forward the torch of this belief - a corruption free India!

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ASHISH said...

i also support...vry true,and a fabulous blog...grt..that is what out nation want...