Sunday, October 09, 2011

Revolution 2020

It has been like ages that I am scribbling here, again! Feels like a visitor myself on my own blog! Even now, this visit will be like a run and fly type...

Anyways, had been to the Crossword store today! I simply keep visiting this store without any particular book in mind to be purchased. It just feels nice to walk around book racks. Reading and writing have almost become an integral part of my system by now!

Today as i entered the store, the first book I noticed was that of Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020 placed right on the rack in front of the door. I knew it instantly that I have to pick it! Having read 2 States lately and in the middle of reading The 3 Mistakes Of My Life now, I am already in love with his writing style! He has a peculiar style of adding humour in his writing while even mentioning the saddest or the ugliest moments revolving around the characters or just about life in general.

His writings somehow leave me with a smile, a relaxed feeling, relieved and puzzled at the same time to the fact that how come this guy can exactly replicate the thoughts, feelings and reactions of a reader like me to certain situations or people! Chetan Bhagat catches the reader's nerve for sure!

Well, back to my visit to the Crossword store.... As i picked his book - Revolution 2020 today, i noticed 4 more people picking the same book. And the smile on their faces... i could simply relate to them as if in unison that 'I am so glad to buy another Chetan Bhagat book...' And somehow i had an inner feeling of happiness as if i were Chetan Bhagat myself and feeling happy to see people pick my book to read :)

Can't help, I love reading his books... Moreover, i feel happy to have had a good read at the end of the day :)

I was aware that a new Chetan Bhagat book is awaited this Diwali, but didn't expect to get it so soon. Feeling as I got one of my Diwali gifts' already ;) Thanks CB :) Waiting to finish reading The 3 Mistakes Of My Life to go for the Revolution :)


aakash said...

Yay! good to see you back... be here more often :)
I am not a CB fan... I don't know his stories have too much masala to be true... Loved his 1st book, 5 point someone... but eventually he has stared writing scripts of bollywood movies *i feel*


manu said...

hey... will try to drop in here more often... i havnt read 5 point someone yet.. but loved 2 states... too much masala or a true story or a fiction.... watever it is... more than the story, i like his style of writing.. n if he is getting in to more of bollywood scripts, it wl b better :)

i am also not a fan of his actually.. but his writing style appeals to me... just like urs AJ... by any scale, i have read more of AJ than CB ;) i m just on to his 2 book now...