Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Taljai: Away From The City Buzz

Ever wondered what it is like to be away from the chaos, noise, and pollution of the city? Especially, at a place right in the city, yet aloof from its buzz. If you want to be with yourself, breathe in some fresh air daily, and listen to nature’s voices unlike the city noise; Taljai Hills is a place to be! A walk in the thick woods here will soak you in the beauty of nature, present you with calmness that you seek among the chaos around, and even help you spend some quality time with friends and family.

Nature has boundless beauty to offer in the form of flora and fauna. Alas! With the growing concrete jungle, we are forced to only imagine it through a writer’s description of it, or experience it at a faraway place that might be taxing in terms of money and time. The good news is, there are still few places in the city that have survived heavy concretisation around and have maintained their serenity. At Taljai Hills, you will be awestruck to see the green cover and will immerse yourself in a childlike happiness to walk in thick woods. Many volunteers and green activists have strived to plant and adopt hundreds of trees here. The slowly degenerating place eventually saw the light of the day and has shaped into a jungle! You will be amazed to see different types of colourful shrubs and flowers here. And, you will be lucky to spot peacocks and hare if you go steeper in the greens. The ultimate beauty of this place lies in watching the sun rise and set!

Another aspect of this place that will keep you coming back is the peace and calmness that it offers. Your mind needs to stay calm and sane amid the hectic schedules, work pressure, competition, demands, and expectations that keep clouding. At Taljai, you are sure to forget all that for the moments you spend here and just relax. This is the magic and aura of this place. Here, you are in the city, yet away from it. Needless to say, this place will keep attracting you whenever you need be one with yourself. It is a great way to rejuvenate and start afresh with a positive mind, thoughts, and ideas.

And why have this entire share of experience alone? Accompany your friends or family at this place and feel the difference even more. As you will experience this beauty and peace of mind, so will they. As a result, you all will share and spend some quality time with each other. Besides the great attraction that you all will develop for this place, you are sure to enhance your friendly and family relations and ties. A laugh with each other and light conversations amid nature is a priceless gift that this place has to offer.

With more than one reason to rejoice and discover yourself each time you visit this place, Taljai Hills scores a soft corner in every visitor’s heart. This nature’s abode rested in peace and open for all to experience is definitely one of the best places’ the city has managed to survive.

P.S. Though most would still want to complain of the growing construction and stall vendors around, this is the Taljai jungle part I am talking about that feels even more beautiful with every visit.

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