Friday, July 06, 2012

What's the Buzzzzz.....

Life has always offered gateways to indulge into activities and work that have raised the adrenaline rush in me. I could have not asked for more. So what's the new buzz now?

Well, life seems to be embracing me back in its warmth! There could never have been such an elevated feeling than the one I am basking in right now! Things seem to be moving back on track, slowly though, and I seem to be gathering back the urge within. I have at least started working again! Yes, I am the same person whose schedule would be packed right from 5:30 in the morning, until I got back to bed.

When I flash back into those flashback moments, I compose myself and feel like patting my back :) The day would start at 5:30 to get ready for the religious work-outs between 6 and 7. I must have hardly missed couple of days to hit the gym in 4 years then! Getting back home after a refreshing start, getting ready for work, enjoying the demanding tasks at work through the day, getting back home, relaxing, early to bed and early to rise.... I did indulge into many fun activities with friends too, and got intimate with nature many times. Parties, get-togethers, trailing and trekking in the beautiful mountains in Sahyadri, the Enduro3 competition, the biker tales, Everest Base Camp, Pune Marathon, cycling, and even roaming aimlessly at times!!!! Life could never be so colourful. I have made many friends all along, from all age groups and different backgrounds and interests. Each time I got a new insight to a beautiful life with new instances with all of them. I can't thank any of them enough.

Well, all days are not the same they say, and I experienced that too! Far away from being a cheerful lass who carried no baggages and a 'live and let live' attitude, I have had to live in hibernation for a year! I do not wish to spill out the details, and neither do I wish to turn back. For now, a new buzz has started creeping in and I shall not stop! Roaring to get back to what I was... to be what I am.... and never what others want me to be.... I wish to keep shuffling between the many facets of life... because, There Is Lots To Do, and You Live Only Once!

Hope everyone churns out life the way they want to, and not let ANYONE ELSE hold unnecessary control over you.

..... jag lagaye mujhpe pabandi, mai hoon hi nahi iss duniya kiii

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