Tuesday, April 30, 2013

... of people you meet, things you do, and do not!

How often do you bump into a 65 odd years old lady, who surpasses the levels of enthusiasm and eagerness to explore life and indulge into activities of interest even through the golden years of life? The answer would be quite obvious, but when you do, it leaves your mind stunned for a while, for sure! I met such a family friend this morning and have been thinking... after a glorious teaching career of 4 decades along with household responsibilities, enrolling and gradually stepping towards excellence in the field of acting, grooming herself into a classical form of dancing accompanying her daughter-in-law (more so considering it as a happy form of exercise), practices yoga, befriends like-minded people across ages, travels, avid writer and a voracious reader; kaki (aunt) has matured in her times, adapted herself to the changing times, and sure knows how to live life in its true sense in the time and age that she lives in today! 

As they say, looks may be deceptive... she does appear like the quintessential Indian woman clad in a saree, wearing a big round bindi on her forehead; but her sense of living is far from those her age who burden themselves with the rules drawn for women by this male chauvinistic society. Sounds like a rebel for her age? Well, not even close. But she surely doesn't fit in the typical over-protective mother or an over-powering mother-in-law mold. She simply lives (and lets live) life at its best, which most of us half her age would also fail to live up to... Quite an inspiration there! Like they say, 'It's all in your mind'.. so it is time we ponder into our own minds than the rest of the world and refrain others from handling the remote control of our life. 

Today's rendezvous provoked some food for thought, on a further level:

Life is an abundance of interesting things around to see and to do! While we make up to most from this kaleidoscope called life by 'seeing', we seldom respond actively to our inner voice to 'do' things we would love to. Some would disagree, but the bitter truth is, most of us simply sit and watch the greener pastures on the other side in someone else's life, while we console our mind to be content with things going on or days going by as they are. Because, we are habituated to exercise only those acts and responsibilities that we 'have to', and not what we 'want to'. 

Why do they always ask for a list of 'Ten things to do before you die'? Why not, 'Things to do while you live'? Simple math would conclude that you would do many more than just ten things (that you really wish to) in a lifetime. That, while sorting your life with the many things you 'have to' as part of your responsibility, alongside. It is then that you can proudly rejoice and announce: "You live only once... but the way I live, once is enough!"      

Some would love to wander around the world, indulge into all sorts of sinful taste-busters yet have a fit bod, be rich, be able to dance well, do all sorts of crazy things at the drop of a hat, have a wardrobe filled with new attires to wear everyday, learn a sport, pottery, carpentry, cooking, go trekking every weekend, do photography, take singing classes,  and the list would go on... You are also allowed to have the weirdest of wishes', only, be careful to realize the sane ones : ) The biggest hurdle between your wish and your doing, unfortunately, is you yourself! You will do yourself a favor if you overcome your own mind block sooner than later. There is no age limit to undertake anything you wish to pursue. There will be no time for many things, agreed, that is why you have to make time for them.

Yet, there could be as many reasons not-to-do things you dearly wish to, as the number of hair on your head! I am being quite modest here to spill my own beans about the reasoning for turning my back on few things which later, I think 'I wanted to do', but I didn't. There are times when I feel bored and lazy, think I would be made a laughing stock, think that it does not suit my age (well, I am quite young now for those who would think otherwise :D), think that leisure is for later, discuss about doing and leave it there, confidence deficit, shyness, excusing myself for having no time, or even make up my mind that I will and simply reject the idea the very next moment, or simply because someone else opposes... urgghhh!!! And, such times pop up more often than not! Most times I groom my mind to think that it is over-worked and needs and deserves a break and just rest doing nothing at all! (though my conscious disagrees to admit that my 'desire' is made-to-believe that I 'deserve' the rest :P ). At the same time, it is also true that I can boast of living up to much of my wishlist :D

Maybe there are many like me (or, I am like many others), sailing in the same boat. And, the answer to do or not to do, lies within each of us. Like it is aptly said in Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, "Insaan ko dibbe me tabhi band hona chahiye, jab wo mar jaye." ...till then, live life! When you look back at life, you should have more memories to cherish than regret having no memories at all.   

All things said and done (and some not done), doing the little things you desire is what make life better! So open your minds to your desires and get more ticks than crosses on your wishlist. Change the 'I could', to 'I can', to 'I will', to 'I did'...

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