Monday, February 25, 2008

Auto Expo

This was one of the most wonderful times' I had since I am in Canada. I had visited an auto expo here at the Roger's Centre with few friends.
The idea of going there did not start on an enthusiastic note from my side, as I was in the mood of lazing in my bed. But, I was also dying to at least see motorbikes here if not ride them. It has been 2 months that I feel deprived myself from being able to ride at all. It is very cold here, the snow flurries and windchill do not allow to even walk with ease, forget biking. It is only the four wheelers that I see here and I am not much interested in them.
Due to this weather here, I am using the public transport facilities. The thing that I never did in India! I was so overwhelmed with the idea of at least seeing the motorbikes at the auto expo and, charged up myself. And, what a feast I had!
I had never imagined myself among those beautiful beasts :)
It was a dream to be able to ride those mean machines. But I always had to console myself by just seeing them in magazines or see someone riding them, as I thought I wont be able to ride them due to my height (I am just 5'3"... damn...)
But I am more than happy to be able to have a close look at the auto expo. You can see me showing off (the pictures can be seen in the link at the beginning of this post) on some of the mean machines like Triumph, Ducati, even the Honda Gold Wing!!!
I can't still get over it. Had a wonderful time!
Missing my karizma :(

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Anant Krishna said...

Some mean looking bikes with a pretty gal on them ! :P