Sunday, May 04, 2008

Writing after a very long time... Time flies!

When I sit and think of days gone by in Canada, it gives me shivers all over. I had landed here in the coldest season Canada has had in the past 25 years! Never imagined I could survive such cold, as I would get jitters even in the winters of Pune.
Life has been very busy here. It is already the 5th month of my stay in this country. It has been a very different experience and I am surprised with myself to have been able to cope with life here. Learnt some good things and have indulged in to laziness. Still trying to cope with the independent life. I mean, living away from family and friends.
Back home, I knew I have my people behind me everytime. But, here I have to be all by myself. Not that my people aren't with me, just that they are not here physically present with me. I sometimes wonder how everything changes just by the mere presence or absence of your people.
That apart, experience here has been amusing as well :)
I have learnt to keep a check on the grocery in the house, the other things required. And yes, learning to cook few things as well :) Trying to cope with the microwave oven and the electric gas stove as opposed to what I have used back home.
I had never travelled by public transport in India. Now, I am part of the public here travelling through the sub-way trains, the busses. I have also shifted from having a bike in India, to having a bicycle here. But, believe me, cycling has been a pleasure ride for me. So much so, that I even cycled when it was snowing here! Feels bad at times when I spot few bikers zooming on the road. But, I am not complaining coz I am in love with my bicycle.
One thing that caught my sight was, the respect that pedestrains get here. People actually stop their vehicles for pedestrians to go first. Even the bus drivers! I felt obliged as I was at the receiving end of experiencing such hospitality! People back in India, especially in Pune have lots to learn about this aspect of trafic sense.
Anyways, enough written for now. Rest for later... Time to read a John Grisham book...

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