Thursday, October 16, 2008

Embrace the Right Attitude

Work pressure can be overpowering at times. But holding the right attitude will eventually sail you through this overwhelming phase

Success is getting what you like and happiness is liking what you get. This can clearly reflect what you actually want and need. There are so many things that you might want to achieve or possess. But they all cannot be converted in to your demands, as you might not be able to get everything that you long for. You have to be satisfied with what you get. Moreover, there is a unique and a more satisfying feeling when you have tried to achieve what you want, even if you fail to get it. However, you will at least not regret that you did not try. That is what matters after all.

But, when it comes to your work, you cannot just sit back and be happy and satisfied with what you do and achieve. At the work front, whatever you achieve should be built as a climbing ladder to step up to one more achievement. Of course, this upward graph will give you more than one reason to get that grin on your face, but you should always make an effort not to slip. These can be counted as your success quotient and you should always be raring to rise on that ladder step after step.

However, the real essence lies in the manner you relish your success. It is very important to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has played a part in your success. After all, you cannot call it an individual strategy that worked. Similarly, if you fail to maintain the upward graph, you cannot put the blame on anyone in particular. Here also, it is teamwork and a team’s failure. Success / achievements are always counted as celebrations. However, it should also be kept in mind that it is like a bubble that does not last for long in the air.

Failure must be taken in your stride more sportingly and must be cherished, though it might taste as bitter as a pill. These sour memories will always help you remember your past mistakes and make you more cautious while handling any project at work. This realization will also help you analyse your thinking, working and executing methodology. This will definitely affect future work projects in a positive way. You will be amazed with your own performance and should also compliment yourself for the good work. You can help your colleagues as well to make a retrospect to identify their own weak points and come out of the fear factor of failure. This becomes very essential, as once the fear is removed from the mind, it leaves no room for doubts.
Whenever handling any project, it is a common reality that most of us fear the possibilities of any unwanted blunders. Most of us are prone to nervousness and start feeling weak in the stomach. It is quite natural, but you have to overcome this fear as soon as you can to excel in your work. Otherwise, you will become vulnerable to such notions that can prove to hinder your path of success. At such point of time at your work front, you need to be more alert and not let the mind game overpower your capabilities. This mind game is very powerful and can dilute your thinking abilities. So whenever you feel nervous, race your thoughts in the opposite direction until you sight no signs of negative feelings. You should always carry a positive attitude and work towards your goal. The results will be equally fruitful if you religiously follow the run away path from your fears and chase your goal.

Embracing the right attitude plays a very important role when things go wrong. There starts a mind battle when a mistake is committed and everything seems to be going against you. This is the time when you really run out of patience and literally stop thinking. However, when you scan your method of working, you will yourself want to change it a bit. But mind you, it must be a non-biased analysis. Work progress must be given foremost importance and worked out accordingly.

You should be able to blend your abilities and attitude well in order to achieve your goal / target that should be your motivational factor. It can be aptly said that ‘Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do and Attitude determines how well you do it’. So shed that demodulating fear factor and accept whatever challenge you face on your way. Achieving your targets will make you happy and this will lure you to keep pace with success. Make happiness your needs and success your want. In the process to fulfill your needs, you are sure to be rewarded with your wants that will be satisfied.

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