Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Time For Fun

Every moment of our life is precious. Do not waste it with a frown on your face. Deliberately weave in those small pleasures and ease your work pressure

All of us were very mischievous in childhood. Playing mischief in our own way all around the place was the favourite time pass for all of us. It becomes a very lovable habit that includes lot of risk and thrill at the same time. It might go on until we are teens. Because till then we are still learning things and are also taken care of. What happens then? Why do we suddenly feel that we are no longer kids? It is quite a practical logic that when we reach this stage, we are capable to think for ourselves and take decisions. We deliberately give time to think about tomorrow on a serious note, as hereon we have to make a mark on the career front.

Our mischievous and childlike approach, which is quite appealing and refreshing at times, however, starts fading with time. Why does this happen? As we grow, we get involved in to various activities like studies, sports, family, friends and work. Apart from these, another reason given is, ‘now I have grown up’. Does growing up only mean being disciplined, shouldering responsibilities, no-nonsense, serious thinking, formalities, future, work and just growing up? These automatically become part of our life, but it endangers us being ourselves. Though most of us become accustomed to such behaviour / lifestyle doesn’t it become dreary? Or do we become indifferent? Must we rush when we could be enjoying life instead? We all have our ambitions and responsibilities- economic, social, and religious. But a life choked by tension, work, responsibilities, achievements, role-playing and competition is certainly not worth living.

The result:

These things, however, become indispensable and they take a toll on our behaviour, lifestyle and even health. This change is sharply perceptible in working professionals like us. It is presumed that the fun aspect should not linger at work place. True, but one cannot sit with a long face whole day just because you have to work. Life becomes colourless without having fun and there might come a time when life takes charge of you instead of you being in the controlling / commanding position. Come on. Do not let this happen and start enjoying even when at work. At the end of the day, the big things- accomplishments and good deeds count towards satisfaction, but equally true is the little joys that warm your heart and rejuvenate you as you go on the grand journey. Imagine yourself to have got caught in the lifeless routine, where you do not have time for anything else, but thinking and working. People around you in the office also have their share of work and keep doing it as workaholics. No matter you put on a good show on your work front, but it will not show on your face. This is the indication that you also need to experience it with little bit of fun and enjoyment. Some people feel that they rather accomplish their career, reach the zenith of their professional achievements, earn lot of money and fame and retire early to sit back and enjoy. But the results of overworking now will be rather opposite. They will experience a physical burn-out and be emotionally drained even before the onset of middle age. It could be a BP that prevents from trekking, or climbing heights (it could be such a disaster for adventure lovers!), cholesterol takes your favourite dishes out of reach and your brain becomes accustomed to anxiety. That is when people wish they had taken time to enjoy life as they went about discharging their responsibilities.

Enjoy life, don’t jus live:

There are some people full of life who do not change. They do not give up on the fun element in life and hence enjoy every bit of it. Be it at work or otherwise. There are people who are gifted with a humorous and witty nature. And they share this gift with everyone around them. They come across as a cool breeze amidst the hot working conditions that prevail in the office. Their witty statements leave a smile on our face that makes us feel good. If you have observed, this is quite refreshing to again get back to work with a new zing. Just a smile and a light atmosphere can work such wonders! We all must work hard not just at our responsibilities, but also at celebrating life. There are people who indulge in reading books even after a stressful day at work. This is because they think it is relaxing for them. Similarly, some listen to music; spend time with family or just anything that relaxes them. These might be small things to do, but they add to the celebration called life! So do not just sit back and have a laugh with them. You too can deliberately weave fun / enjoyment / pleasures and make others laugh with you!

Get a makeover:

There are others who keep cribbing about small things in life. It is high time you get a makeover in your behaviour. You are getting late for your office and you rush to get your car keys and oh… you realize that the last night there was less fuel in your vehicle and you thought that you will handle it in the morning but you woke up late and see what you are in to.. the aftermath… you get more restless and sulk down as if the world has come to an end. Now let us see the other side. After realizing that the fuel has got over, you still step out with a smile on your face and find out an alternative. This option is better because, it will save your time and also if you enter your work place with a happy heart, your day will surely be yielding and satisfying. But, if you enter your office with a sulk and irritation, which is publicly displayed then you will not be able to get over with that feeling for the whole day. So the conclusion is, keep your cool. They say that laughter is the best medicine. It actually is ‘the remedy’ for all your worries.

Dare to dream:

It takes courage to dream and even greater courage to acknowledge those dreams and try to accomplish them. While it is wise to live in the present, it is also important to have dreams and try to fuel activities and give you the extraordinary capacity to create the ideal life you conjour in your mind. Enjoying life includes dreaming about life itself and trying to realize the simple joys you dream and hope to achieve.

Let there be some time for fun always…

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