Saturday, October 18, 2008

Work Favours Worth

Favouritism is not favoured at work place. When it comes to work, nothing else will matter, but your work. Do not indulge in unnecessary stunts to lure your boss. This won’t do any good to you

‘Good work’, ‘I appreciate your hard work and dedication towards your work’, ‘you deserve the credit for your words of praise from the boss or the senior in office makes you feel on the ninth cloud. You feel proud to have worked sincerely and also receive the fruits of your hard work in the form of such appreciation. Such recognition by the boss in an organization lifts the spirit of employees to further enhance their working skills and keeping up with the good work.

Any organization will be more than happy to recruit such effective employees and, in turn, make them happy and encourage them for better performances in the future. There are some people whose work is acknowledged through their performance. And when they fail to perform up to the mark, it becomes a matter of concern for the authorities and the reasons are sorted out through discussions. Of course, these might not be light discussions. But such discussions and explanations are necessary and important to be carried out. The employee always takes cautious steps while working thereafter and makes an attempt every time not to leave space for doubts and mistakes.

Also, there are other groups of employees who work a bit differently. They are the one’s who always crave to be in the good books of their employers. And in a process to achieve this, they always try to make an extra effort to lure their seniors. Such people can be always seen near and around their seniors. If not physically there, they will always run through their thought process, Typical signs to recognize such employees could be that they suddenly start liking particular things just because their boss likes it. It could be the boss’s favourite perfume, car, magazine, just anything. They even go to an extent of changing their dressing style or way of talking and greeting people. And all these efforts are made obvious in front of the person whom they are trying to influence. How hard they must be working towards this! Just to make the boss happy or to endure the boss to make you happy? Either ways, is it a safe bet to play? Definitely not. It would be wise enough to be in good terms with the boss through progressive work rather than those unnecessary stunts. After all, you are where you are because of your work. Nobody is even bothered to or even have the time to shower personal favours. Your work should speak more than anything else at your work place. And then let the showers of favour fall upon you. Those will be meritorious and the deserved ones.

Favouritism at work places does not last for long. Neither for those who try to gain it, nor for those who deserve it. These could be severing results for committing such mistake. You may enjoy the benefits for the time being, but it becomes annoying after some time. Also, in this process, your work will be hampered and, in turn, your capabilities will be questioned.
To be the apple of your boss’s eye, you have to exhibit an example of good work and not an example of how you try to impress your boss. Your company should not think of replacing you with someone better, you be that someone who is the best for your job. Be competent enough to face every challenge that comes your way. If you are good at your work, you will derive satisfaction, will get chances to be promoted and if you want to remain in the same company then you do not need to worry because your company can not work without you.

Next time you feel like complimenting your seniors, do so, but only if it is a genuine one and not because it is a part of your daily routine. Some people do not appreciate such acts of always being in false limelight by taking help of unnecessary means. You might even make some people go against you if you pertain to such wrong and feigned means. Haven’t you ever felt when there are people who are appreciated and applauded for their work that you can also be standing on the other side of the crowd and be the special one? I am sure you must have, it will happen only if you prove yourself on the ground and not by procuring short-lived ways.

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