Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jai Ho

Both saffron parties joined hands with the Pawar baton,
And gave rise to the Pune Pattern!

They had then said, it is in public interest;
Or was it another way to manifest?

The common man understands their strategy,
As they are busy shaping their effigy!

Now, their political ambitions are to be saved from the burn,
So the Pune Pattern conveniently gets a U-turn!

They say it is in the interest of the public,
Or is it just another trick?

On the threshold of the polls, their wits start rising,
Believe it or not, but that’s the perfect timing!

Either this way or that way,
They never fail to make hay!

They joined hands for public interest; they parted ways for public interest,
To fool the public, one wonders; what is the secret of their zest?

To win the polls, is their goal;
They don’t realise, public suffers the toll!

Once together, later divorced;
In the process, common man is harassed and forced!

Their political math is revised for them to survive,
The turns and twists are as complex as a bee-hive!

They try and even test their gimmicks,
Nearing polls appear as political remix!

Once again they have a new trick to woo us,
This may have all possibilities to create another fuss!

We will queue at the polling booths as a sense of right and duty,
And later read the results over a cup of tea!

We will then get back to our tasks,
While politics will again behold new masks!

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