Monday, November 30, 2009

From A Child's Perspective

After a day long of little work, little lazing... the best part of the day that I spend is probably some time spent with my little friends in the evening. These are kids from our colony who come out zooming on the bicycles after a hard day of schooling and instructions-to-follow all day.
And these kids come out zooming with an elan, they start calling each other and gather to play together. That's how I understand about their arrival and I jump out of the couch to meet them all. It is so much fun to see them all and listen to their innocent talks.

Yes, they do take out some time from play to chat with me :) They talk on various topics ranging from their hobbies to what they want to become when they grow up. They talk about the importance of playing for an hour at least everyday and they even know many things about following a good diet and the importance of having fruits, milk and few other nutritious foods! I am sure they can surely give a lesson or two to some of the 'i-know-all' elders! These smart little kids even quiz each other with the new lessons learnt at school.

Yesterday I was having some fun time with them and capturing their innocence in my camera. They sportingly posed for the camera and I loved that time spent with the gang. They all eagerly saw their pics on the camera screen and were very happy.

Later, our chatting resumed and that is when I got a very cute perspective about how kids develop a world of their own among themselves. "I did not have to learn the four-wheeler at all in the beginning. I directly started with the two-wheeler", was what one of them said very enthusiastically and proudly among rest of the gang. For a moment I felt I haven't catched the right words or something. The kids continued with their talks but, I was still wondering what exactly did that kid mean! In the meanwhile, they all had already zoomed out to take another round of their racing.

After sometime, one of them rode his bicycle from just next to where I was standing, still curious, and that is when I understood what the kid meant by a four-wheeler and a two-wheeler! For them, a four wheeler is a bicycle that has two supporting wheels and one without them is a two-wheeler! I was relieved that my curiosity finally mat the end but was amusingly wondering how these little kids think and relate to things around the big and yet undiscovered world.

One can definitely have a great time with kids around, and at the same time they unknowingly even provoke us to think about things we already know. There surely is a lot to discover from a child's perspective!

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