Monday, February 15, 2010

Pune Lives On....

26th of November
Is a day to remember,
The spirit of courage and heroism
A salute to the martyr's patriotism!

13th of February
Target was Pune's German Bakery;

A place where people would flock
Came to a standstill with shock;

A place of pride and prominence for the town
Was blasted in to pieces and brought down;

Political bigwigs made their round
To get a first hand view on the ground;

It was the eve of Valentine
A day of love so divine;

The eve witnessed fear and horror
Due to parallel existence of life and terror;

We took pride to live in a safer city
Such incident is a pity to its identity;

Its a hard way to learn this norm -
Remember to play after every storm!


PilotPats -- Making a Pilot out of Pats said...

Nice Poem! Its sad GB is no more for a while..

PilotPats -- Making a Pilot out of Pats said...

Nice Poem! Its sad for GB and even tho it will revive, is essence is lost for a while..

Uma said...

hey DID YOU WRITE THIS???? its very well written! keep it up girl!!

manu said...

Thanks Prasad! GB was one of my fav places...

@uma - i hv only written this... thanks!

Ashwin said...

gb was my best place as well at kp..
i was thr just a day bfor the blasts.. sad its no more now..
but after it gets reconstructed i m gonna b the 1st one thr..

sheetal bhangre said...

good poem

sheetal bhangre said...

Good Poem....

Shailesh said...

This is simply great. Is this published anywhere?

Keep it up.

manu said...

thanks Shailesh. It is not published anywhere else... just over here :)