Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Agar Biscuits Nahi Hote, Toh Mera Kya Hota...

Agar biscuits nahi hote, toh mera kya hota.... Wohi hota jo wo nahi nahi hote toh hota... :)

For me biscuits are a saviour :) Oh yes, they are! and how... When I am down with any kind of illness, medicines become an integral part to recover asap, back to a normal ill-free life, which we often take for granted.

Well, back to the biscuits. I take pleasure to write this, as biscuits save me hell lotta disgust than the illness itself! Biscuits, medicines...??? I won't ask you to do join the dots and try to find a logical connection here...

Here is what biscuits do to me :)

Illness catches me rarely,
And when it does, it drives me crazy, literally!
More than the sickness and the pain,
It is the medicines that drive me insane!

But what to do, can't stay ill until I fall,
And that's how medicines get a call!
And, that is when biscuits gain high regards from me,
After all they save me from the dreaded medicines, you see!

Medicines and me don't get along quite well,
When I force them through my throat, it feels like hell!
And then, I immediately gulp some water,
To have a quick bite of a biscuit later!

Nothing special about these biscuits otherwise,
But they are a real saviour post a dose of dismal medicines, to be precise!
They help me overcome that miserable taste of a pill,
That's how biscuits play their part for my recovery, and then I can chill!

So that's the connection between the medicines and the biscuits for me,
I have stopped wondering about the logic behind this, but I am happy :)
If it were not biscuits, I could have had a cake or something,
But it is biscuits that fill the khau cha dabba first than anything!

Tabhi toh,
Agar biscuits nahi hote, toh mera kya hota.... Wohi hota jo wo nahi nahi hote toh hota... :)

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