Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Writer or a 'Type'-Writer

Writing has become my passion ever since I could start making sense of what I read. The thought process that follows after reading something that has an impact on you, is what exactly made me dive in to writing. My words started giving shape to my thought process and writing has thus become one of my identities.

Yet, I wonder at times - I say I am a writer, but I hold no pen or paper. The keyboard on the laptop punches each letter for me and completes my script. Of late, I have realised that I have lost touch with the hand-written skills that formed the very basis of my writing. It seems as though I have always been punching letters on the keyboard.

There are very rare occasions when I need to actually write with the help of a pen, yet it seems a new experience each time. It is difficult to believe that my handwriting looks no more than few letters scribbled on a page. I was once proud to receive the best handwriting award in school, used to be happy to see the 'good' remark made by a teacher for my neat writing in the notebooks.

Alas, the hand-written script has taken a back seat with the convenience that the keyboard offers. The new age writers now hold a laptop/pc/i-pads... Earlier, a pen was the symbol for writing. And now, fingers running through the keyboard symbolises it. Holding a pen after a long time today, punched my mind hard as I could barely write with the speed that I used to, when I was not even introduced to the computer-aided writing!!!

Everything around has become digitised, so has my writing! I used to hold a pen in my hand and words would flow from my mind. Today, words do flow and faster, only that I am a slave to the keyboard now.

Yet, I hope to still write back with a pen in my hand. And, even hope that it turns out to be a neat script.

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