Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Democracy Ridiculed!

It was a shocking news to watch sometime back about Additional DC Yashwant Sonawane's brutal murder! The First Additional DC of the Malegaon District in Nashik was burnt alive by the oil mafai while he was on duty.

Something is terribly going wrong with the mindsets and attitude of people, and especially with the law and order situation of not only any state but the entire nation. Cities which were known as the faces of their cultural, economic, traditional heritage and progress; are gradually losing their identity and are now gaining a status for all the wrong reasons. Nashik is now a city popularly known as home for the oil and kerosene mafai of the state!

Yashwant Sonawane, who was on his way for a meeting to some other place, sensed some fishy goings-on at a place somewhere 10kms away from Manmad. He immediately went to check at the spot and saw the oil marketeers involved in adulterating. The magnitude of this racket seems to be so strengthened and their conscience so dead, that they burnt alive this officer!

An officer of such stature, when is on his way to perform his duties, was brutally murdered in broad daylight! And, it is a shame that such an incident should occur just a day before when we are all set to celebrate the biggest day of our democracy - our 61st Republic Day!

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