Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yes Minister, It Is A Cosmetic Surgery!!!

I may not be very well-informed or may not possess the right knowledge of the know-hows of the political affairs, yet as a common citizen of this nation I try to put my common sense to its best possible analysis. And why am I digging my nose in this whole political scenario? Well, all of us should! These 'ministers' (babus) who enjoy their berths in the cabinet, take decisions that directly affect our living.

The great Indian Political Tamasha played yet another innings of fooling the aam aadmi. The much awaited and now, the much debated political reshuffle took place yesterday. Reshuffle, did you and me think is what happened? Well, if you draw parallels between this tamasha and that of scuffling the playing cards, then reshuffle is what took place in every sense of the word. You scuffle the playing cards to play a fair game before distributing them. The point is, the cards that you ultimately play with, remain the same. Similar is the case of this very political reshuffling, where very carefully ministers have been made to agree the change of berths.

Prafull Patel is now burdened with the heavy industries portfolio while his 'wings' are chopped. The best bet here could be that the new face in the aviation ministry can now assure no alleged relationships with airline companies. Sharad Pawar retains agriculture and foord processing industries, while losing consumer affairs and food & public distribution (Mr Pawar wanted lesser responsibilities now, as what he had been urging). During the times of food prices inflation, the Pawar power managed to conveniently nail the crisis that he would have to face, had he still retained the ministries that he no longer holds. He would have face the music of criticism from the janta directly, which now the new face for these ministries will have to face.

Murali Deora, shifted from the petroleum ministry! When oil prices are touching the skies, this minister is 'reshuffled' elsewhere to save him the public brunt. Many more examples can be similarly highlighted, which will repeat this saga. Those who are accused of corruptions, inefficiencies; will still rule the roost under some or the other ministry. Just when the government realised that their powerful ministers will be shacked by public anger, it conveniently replaced them with new faces, who will have been 'trained' to answer any question guilt free - "I am new to this ministry. I do not know or have nothing to do about any allegations you are talking about" (?!)

As my common sense prompts me, these changes (which made me compare them also with the musical chair), have been made either because the government lacks effective leadership, cannot afford to make their ministers unhappy, have to play their cards keeping in mind the forthcoming polls, or whatever their reasons be.

For me, this reshuffling had nothing to do with the aam aadmi's plights or concerns. If there is someone who gained anything, it is the government itself, who has been successful in retaining a mix of confidence and support of its ministers and allies. Government is indeed a master surgeon who could alone bring about such cosmetic changes!!! Thanks to the spineless government that seems to be afraid of making some stern decisions.

The janta is yet again left to mull over the same issues that it has been sentenced to, and it seems that we will continue to be haunted by them. As always, these ministers will have the last laugh. It seems to be like a chameleon that changes its colours as the circumstances demand, of course to its own benefit.

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